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     "The Knight" in The Los Angeles Review

     "Three Niles" in The Kenyon Review

     "The Death of Alexander the Great" in Fairy Tale Review *Pushcart Prize nominee* 

     Foglifter Issue 7.2 (Guest Prose Editor)

     "This Weight, This Warmth" in Epiphany

     "This is All So Absurd" in Bull

     "A Life of Its Own" in Foglifter *Pushcart Prize nominee*

     "Hive" in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

     "Thanatosis" in The Florida Review

     "Boys Beware" in swamp pink (formerly Crazyhorse)

     "Mr. Breyfogle" in The Chattahoochee Review *Pushcart Prize nominee*


     "The Man from Washington" in The Rumpus


     "The Tale of a Chinese Finger-Trap" in Apogee Journal


     "Ekphrasis" in Anastamos

NONFICTION (selected)

     Review of Maggie Nelson's On Freedom in Washington Independent Review of Books

     "Here Is the Forge" in Washington Independent Review of Books

     "8 Books about Childhood Friendships Throughout the Years" in Electric Literature

     "An LGBTQ Book That Changed My Life" (blurb) in Oprah Daily

     "A Year in Reading" in The Millions

     "My Adventures in Hell" in The Millions

     "Change Agent: On Zachary Mason's Metamorphica" in Kenyon Review Online

     "Indulging in the Sweet Sorrow of Melancholy" in The Millions

     "In Which a Susan Sontag Fan Learns to Love Her Fiction" in The Millions

     "Returning to My People: Reading Tayeb Salih in the Suburbs" in The Millions

     "A Reader's Diary: On Alan Moore's Jerusalem" in The Millions

     "Less Seeming, More Being: On Robert Bresson" in The Los Angeles Review of Books

     "Meat for the Machine: On the Hidden Horrors in Alain Resnais' Documentary Shorts" in Bright Lights Film Journal

     "Notes on a Career Break" in Medium

     "The Sounds of Aliens Adrift" in Movie Time Guru

     "In Here I Am, Jonathan Safran Foer Returns to His Local Roots" in Washington City-Paper

     Review of Michael Ondaatje's Warlight in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

     Review of Michael Chabon's Moonglow in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

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