"This Weight, This Warmth" in Epiphany

     "This is All So Absurd" in Bull

     "A Life of Its Own" in Foglifter *Pushcart Prize nominee*

     "Hive" in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

     "Thanatosis" in The Florida Review

     "Boys Beware" in Crazyhorse

     "Mr. Breyfogle" in The Chattahoochee Review *Pushcart Prize nominee*


     "The Man from Washington" in The Rumpus


     "The Tale of a Chinese Finger-Trap" in Apogee Journal


     "Ekphrasis" in Anastamos

NONFICTION (selected)

     "A Year in Reading" in The Millions

     "My Adventures in Hell" in The Millions

     "Change Agent: On Zachary Mason's Metamorphica" in Kenyon Review Online

     "Indulging in the Sweet Sorrow of Melancholy" in The Millions

     "In Which a Susan Sontag Fan Learns to Love Her Fiction" in The Millions

     "Returning to My People: Reading Tayeb Salih in the Suburbs" in The Millions

     "A Reader's Diary: On Alan Moore's Jerusalem" in The Millions

     "Less Seeming, More Being: On Robert Bresson" in The Los Angeles Review of Books

     "Meat for the Machine: On the Hidden Horrors in Alain Resnais' Documentary Shorts" in Bright Lights Film Journal

     "Notes on a Career Break" in Medium

     "The Sounds of Aliens Adrift" in Movie Time Guru

     "In Here I Am, Jonathan Safran Foer Returns to His Local Roots" in Washington City-Paper

     Review of Michael Ondaatje's Warlight in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

     Review of Michael Chabon's Moonglow in the Richmond Times-Dispatch